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  • Position Statement: New and Experimental Treatments for Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) EN / FR
  • Position Statement: Reporting of IVF Outcomes EN / FR
  • Bill 20 memoire
  • Position Statement "United Kingdom decision regarding Mitochondrial donation"
  • Promotional Strategy Print E-mail
    A professionally planned and co-ordinated marketing strategy will ensure that, as in years past, CFAS will be well attended by its target audiences. This plan includes the following elements:

    Direct Mail: CFAS will mail promotional materials to physicians, nurses, embryologists, scientists, lab technicians, counsellors, administrators and other healthcare providers.

    Partners: CFAS will enlist other partners and participating professional organizations to further promote the meeting.

    Internet and E-mail Communications: The CFAS website will visibly promote the meeting. In addition, CFAS sends meeting announcements to all relevant website calendar editors. Regular meeting updates will be provided via HTML formatted mass emails.