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2010 Recorded Sessions PDF Print E-mail
Written by Christian Orfali   
Tuesday, 01 December 2009 10:15
Jack Cohen, PhD (Newent, UK) - Technology and Magic video-avi
Ronald Hunter, PhD, ScD (Hanover, Germany) - Going with the Flow: The Role of Portal Systems in Regulating Gamete and Embryo Transport in the Female Reproductive Tract of Mammals video-avi
Michael Alper, MD (Boston, MA) - Quality and IVF: How Do You Know if Your IVF Program is Good? video-avi
Leroy Edozien, LLB, MBBS (Manchester, UK) - Risk Management in Gynaecology and ART: Principles and Practices video-avi
Françoise Baylis, PhD (Halifax, NS) - Ethics and AHR in Canada: Current State video-avi
Bernard Dickens, LLB, PhD (Toronto, ON) - Supreme Court Decision re: Attorney General of Canada vs. Attorney General of Québec video-avi
Barry Stevens (Toronto, ON) - Anonymous Sperm Donation (Discussion) audio-wav
Barry Stevens (Toronto, ON) - Bio Dad video-avi
Trudo Lemmens, LLM, DCL (Toronto, ON) - Summary and Objectives in Defense of the Ban om the Marketing of Human Reproductive Material video-avi
Patrick Quinn, PhD (Redmond, OR) - Supporting Embryo Physiology: The Evolution of Human IVF Culture Media video-avi
Dominique Royère, MD, PhD (Tours, France) - Improving Embryo Quality: The Interaction Between Clinical and Laboratory Aspects video-avi
Aonghus Nolan, PhD (Galway, Ireland) - Running an IVF Lab in a Strictly Regulated Environment video-avi
Judith Daniluk, PhD (Vancouver, BC) - Motherhood Deferred: The Role of AHR in Women's Decision to Delay Childbearing video-avi
Christopher Newton, PhD (London, ON) - Embryo Donation: A History of Unfulfilled Expectations video-avi
Joanna Scheib, PhD (Davis, CA) - Open-Identity Donor Options: Where Do They Take Us? video-avi
Laura Witjens (Gloucester, UK) - Gamete Donor Recruitment Model video-avi
Ulrik Kvist, PhD (Stockholm, Sweden) - The Human Ejaculate: Physiology or Artefact? video-avi
Roelof Menkveld, PhD (Tygerberg, South Africa) - Tygerberg Strict Criteria for Sperm Morphology: Where Did they Come from & What Do they Mean? video-avi
Juan Alvarez, MD, PhD (La Coruna, Spain) - ROS and Sperm DNA Testing: Pathophysiology or Artefact? video-avi
Paul Turek, MD (San Francisco, CA) - Clinical Assessment of the Male in the Age of ICSI video-avi
Jerilynn Prior, MD (Vancouver, BC) - Use of Progesterone in Perimenopause video-avi
Allan Templeton, CBE, MD (Aberdeen, UK) - Managing Subfertility in the 21st Century video-avi
Dorothy Shaw, MBChB (Vancouver, BC) - Women's Reproductive Rights: FIGO and its Impact On Cultural Change and Government Policy video-avi
Tiaan de Jager, PhD (Pretoria, South Africa) - Male Fertility: Lifestyle, Environmental and Workplace Hazards video-avi
Gerhard Van der Horst, PhD (Cape Town, South Africa) - Naked Mole Rat Sex: Clues to Population Control, Stress and Subfertility in Humans video-avi
David Miller, PhD (Leeds, UK) - RNA in Sperm: Junk or New Physiology? video-avi
Justin St-John, PhD (Clayton, Australia) - Mitochondria: Key Organelles in Cloning and Disease video-avi
Dean Betts, PhD (Guelph, ON) - Telomeres and Telomerase: The Physiological Basis of Aging video-avi
Bruce Carr, MD (Dallas, TX) - New Potential Treatments for Endometriosis video-avi
Rosemary Basson, MD (Vancouver, BC) - Women's Sexual Dysfunction: Edocrine Aspects video-avi
Richard Legro, MD (Hershey, PA) - Pathophysiology of PCOS video-avi
Alan Penzias, MD (Boston, MA) - Electronic Medical Record video-avi
Lorne Brown, BSc, CA, Dr.TCM FABORM (Vancouver, BC) - Acupuncture and Fertility video-avi
Paul Magarelli, MD, PhD (Colorado Springs, CO) - The Evolution of a Revolution: How Traditional Chinese Medicine has Improved ART throughout the World video-avi
Sue Dumais (Vancouver, BC) - Stress Management for Infertility Patients and Health Care Workers audio-wav
Kenneth Seethram, MD (Vancouver, BC) - First Trimester Screening video-avi
Françoise Baylis, PhD (Halifax, NS) - Ethical Aspect of Cross-Border Reproductive Care video-avi
Eric Blyth, PhD (Huddersfield, UK) - Sociological Aspect of Cross-Border Reproductive Care video-avi
Stanely Leibo, PhD (New Orleans,  LA) - To Freeze or Vitrify? The Basics of Cryobiology video-avi
Willem Ombelet, MD, PhD (Genk, Belgium) - IUI as a First-line Treatment for Subfertility: Physiology before Technology video-avi
Joyce Harper, PhD (London, UK) - PGD and PGS: Do they Really Have Any Value? video-avi
Last Updated on Thursday, 14 October 2010 14:18